A Major Change for Meghan

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One of my favorite “tasks” as ZUM’s Member Services Director is interviewing our Member of the Month. In these interviews, I always ask, “what were you looking for when you first joined ZUM?” The answer is always unique, but there’s also a consistent theme: “and so much more.” Reflecting on my time at ZUM, I have to say my experience has been the same.


To be honest, when I joined ZUM as a member back in 2009 I wasn’t really looking for anything other than to make someone in my life happy. There’s no way I could have predicted the incredible ZUM journey ahead of me.


As most things in life do, that journey is about to come full-circle. After the Member Appreciation Party on the 25th, I will be stepping down as Member Services Director and rejoining ZUM as a member.


It may sound cheesy and cliche, but ZUM has profoundly changed my life. Not only has it nurtured exponential professionally and personal growth and taught me more about fitness than I ever imagined possible; but more importantly, ZUM blessed me with the incredible gift of community and family.


I’m at a loss when I try to express what being part of ZUM has meant to me. All I can say is thank you…from the bottom of my heart, thank you. Thank you for sharing your beautiful spirits with me, and all the fun, the friendly exchanges, the meaningful moments, the support, the laughter, the love. Serving this community has been an honor and a joy, and I will treasure it always.


Although it is very bittersweet to leave the ZUM team, I’m thrilled that I will still be able to be part of the community as I take on new professional challenges. As much as I would love to do my one-woman rendition of “So Long, Farewell” down the staircase, I feel very fortunate it’s not really appropriate because this isn’t a good-bye, just a “see you at ZUM!”


With deep love and gratitude,