A Fond Farewell from Per

Per ZUM Goodbye Farewell


Recently a man named Andrés Iniesta Luján played what would be his last match for a soccer team in Barcelona. At 1 am he was found walking around the grass pitch barefoot, seemingly trying to soak in the last bits of essence, from a place that had proven to be one of the defining periods of his life both professional and personal.


I’ve recently found myself in a similar position. Perhaps my stage and role have not been as grandiose, but I would say ZUM has played a comparable part in my own life and development as a person. The reason for this mindset is, that as of June 1st, I will no longer be working for ZUM.


This is a decision that was hard to make for a variety of reasons, but easily number 1 is the people who inhabit ZUM and give it life. Many have came and went, many have stayed along with me. And the lessons, experiences, conversations, jokes, knowledge of the body and fitness is something that I have treasured, and allowed to shape me for the better.


My future is uncertain at this point, but for me this is a bit refreshing to be honest.

I will be doing a bit of travelling to mark this moment. During these travels I’ll look to process, both what my past has been and what the future may hold.


Please know, that whatever else happens, I hold all of you that have shared time with me at ZUM in my heart. And even though my physical presence may be elsewhere, perhaps I will leave a little of my essence behind.


Yours truly,

Per Kolb, Unofficial record holder for most towels folded