Good Morning ZUM

Zum Fitness in the early morning hours

A pulsing, relaxing rhythm brings me out of my slumber. I hit the snooze button. The CD screeches quietly to a halt. 5:00 am. This hasn’t been my wake-up time in over a decade.

I started waking up early when I decided to study the business side of fitness: sales, marketing, profit margins, and systems for taking care of members. Then I started the general manager position, and found that I wasn’t going to get consistent exercise unless I did it before work. So now my morning starts with meditation, some journaling, and mindset affirmations before I head to ZŪM for a workout. I get up early to take care of myself.

Going to ZŪM this early has it’s advantages: light traffic, few cars in the parking garage, and the quiet early morning vibe. But I’ve also found the morning ZŪM experience to be nourishing and enjoyable, with that same energetic feel that it has through the rest of the day.

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Meet February’s Member of the Month: Deepak!

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Back when you first joined ZUM, what made you decide you wanted or needed to join a gym? 

When I moved to Seattle from Atlanta (Go Falcons!!), I didn’t know anyone and stopped playing soccer regularly. Awhile later, I was asked to play in a pick up game, and I found myself feeling sluggish and fatigued. I was determined to get my speed and conditioning back, so I could run as fast as the 18 year-olds! I started looking for a gym that would be convenient and fit into the flow of my day. I tried other gyms, but I would go 3 or 4 times and then stop altogether. I expected the same thing to happen at ZUM, but it turns out, I really love it!

Since joining ZUM, what results have you achieved?  

I’ve definitely gotten stronger, but I also feel like I’ve become more confident both at work and in my personal life. It’s also taken all my work-related stress away. I work for Amazon, so that’s saying something. 🙂

What do you like best about ZUM?

It’s a fun place to be! I like the open set up of the space. Classes are awesome. The trainers are open and encouraging, with subtle expectations, but they always encourage you to work at your own level and increase weight and reps as you are able while maintaining proper form…and it works! All of a sudden, I realized I was reaching for heavier dumbbells!

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Meet January’s Member of the Month – Carly!

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Back when you first joined ZUM, what made you decide you wanted or needed to join a gym? 

I came over to ZUM from Allstar Fitness about 4 years ago after getting really fed up with my experience over there, so really I was just looking for a better gym experience. However, back when I first joined Allstar Fitness in 2007, I really wanted to get back into shape after ending a long-term relationship. Then I met my husband, who was incredibly active, so I ended up working out to keep up with him. Once I got into the habit of working out, I felt so good I couldn’t stop. The only time I’ve taken a hiatus was after the birth of my son, Travis.

Since joining ZUM, what results have you achieved?  

I think my biggest achievement has been getting to the gym for early morning classes! That’s a first. I’ve been working out for a long time now, so I don’t necessary think in terms of “results.” It’s more about how I feel. I will say that at ZUM, I developed an appreciation for yoga I didn’t have before which feels like a positive result. I think it was a combination of excellent instructors and my maturity that helped me be able to view yoga as an equally important practice for me as the more quick-paced, active, strength and cardio classes. Now I’m able to appreciate slowing down, turning off life, and connecting to my breath.

What do you like best about ZUM?

ZUM is great! I love the variety of classes, and it’s so friendly and welcoming. I’m not going to lie, I also love the locker rooms and the hair products. Not having to bring everything with me is huge! Also, the people here are awesome. Everett needs to work on his music, but I still like him.

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Getting to Know the ZUM Team – Cosetta

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How did you begin teaching at ZUM?

My husband Ivo, who provided some fitness equipment for the first Zum facility on 5th Ave, first introduced me to ZUM. I actually began as a participant taking Joe’s class primarily. I loved ZUM’s approach to movement and the community, and quickly developed friendships with many of the staff members.

Although I loved the bright white, warm, cozy mindbody space at the old location, I only practiced yoga there a handful of times. Peter asked me to join the ZUM team as a yoga teacher when this new facility was opened, and I have been teaching here ever since.

It’s difficult to imagine ZUM yoga without you! You’ve really been instrumental in cultivating our yoga program. How has that experience been for you?

Thank you. Yes, classes used to be very small and yoga was not the first thing members sought out. As yoga grows in popularity, more people have begun to understand the endless benefits of this practice. I still think though that some members are still a little shy to walk up the stairs to the body-mind studio. There’s this beautiful space to discover up there, but the climb can be intimidating. Be courageous and come join us! As we’ve grown yoga at ZUM, we’ve tried to create a diverse team with a common thread of knowledge, expertise, and passion.

And what a wonderful job you’ve done! Speaking of passion, how did your passion for yoga first begin?

Again, I was introduced to yoga by Ivo. A business opportunity presented itself that would move our family from Italy to the U.S. He came over about six months prior to get settled in and prepare the new foundations for me and our son Manu to join him. During that time, he was excited to learn that yoga was much more accessible in the States than in Italy. We had practiced a few times, but there was only one yoga studio and it was a 20 minute drive, so we didn’t go often. Ivo called and said, “Yoga is everywhere here! You’re going to love it!”

Upon arriving in Seattle, I dove right in, practicing 4-5 times/week at a gym in downtown. One day an instructor didn’t show up, and the manager asked me to teach class. I was terrified, but I taught anyhow and it felt like a natural thing. In fact shortly thereafter, I began a 3-year yoga apprenticeship with Lee Atwell in Magnolia. I ended up working at the studio for 5 years. Then in 2007, I went to LA to study with Shiva Rea, completing over 800 hours between teacher training and teaching assisting.

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Welcome to the ZŪM Blog

After almost 15 years of being in business, we at ZŪM Fitness are excited to launch our first blog program! Our goal with this program is to support our mission as a company, strengthen our community, and provide interesting, useful, and educational content.

Our mission is to inspire our community to succeed and thrive in their health, fitness, and well-being. The blog posts will support our mission by addressing questions like “how do I gain strength?”, “are squats good or bad for the knees?” and “what are proven ways to reduce stress?”

ZŪM is the home of more than 30 fitness professionals, with a dozen that have more than 10 years experience in their craft, and we will share the fruits of this knowledge and experience. We will educate, entertain, and give useful and practical approaches to enjoying life with more strength, energy, and vitality.

We want to know what YOU want us to blog about. Check out our new “blog box” in the Community Area upstairs and let us know. Just write your requests on one of the cards next to the box and drop it in!

Welcome to our blog!

Yours in health, fitness, and well-being,

Joe DeShaw

Joe DeShaw
ZŪM general manager and personal trainer