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Greetings From ZŪM’s New Yoga Lead!

Annie King


Hi ZŪM Fitness! I am your new Yoga Lead,  Annie King. I’m the barefoot girl bopping around in and out of the Mind Body Studio, studying on the pilates equipment, or improvising with weights as I attempt lifting things for the first time (SOS). I began at ZŪM in June 2017 and I teach an all-levels power yoga class on Monday evenings and Tuesday afternoons.

I remember my first few weeks here vividly. It was my first time teaching yoga in a gym and not a yoga studio. I wasn’t sure if my approach would land on my new students or how I would like teaching in this new setting. So many things were different from my previous experience; no mirrors, no heat or humidity, no rules or set sequences that I had to teach. It was an exciting and unfamiliar experience to have freedom and trust to create my own class. You all were so genuine and open-minded and this inspired me. ZŪM turned out to be exactly the teaching place that I needed and would thrive in.

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Women’s Self-Defense Class Review

You may have seen the signs around ZŪM about the women’s self-defense class offered by 3rd degree Jiu Jitsu black belt Kevin Lollis and Seattle Police Captain Deanna Nollette a couple of weekends ago. I’d been wanting to take a course like that for several years, but I’d never gotten around to it, instead just hoping not to be one of the 1 in 5 women who are raped in their lifetimes. Since this course was on site, I had no more excuses and signed right up to see if I could pick up a few moves to protect myself out in the wild.

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Jordan’s Goodbye to ZUM Members

Jordan Sahlberg

It’s always hard saying goodbye. It’s been especially hard for me to find the right words (I think I’ve started, deleted and re-started this letter over a dozen times). Honestly, a letter just doesn’t seem to do justice to each of you, as individuals and a group, in the profound impact you have all had on me during my time as ZUM. Alas, the currents of life often times rush us along through the rapids without time for reflection or proper goodbyes. So I will make my best effort.

Thank you for your laughter, humor, motivation, experiences, perspectives, patience, trust and friendship. If ZUM is a community, you all are the beating heart. No matter where I go or where I have been I see a common thread. I see that beating heart. Connection, purpose, belonging…these are the basic things I think we all seek as people. And as I am leaving I can see clearly how you have provided me those three things in abundance. We all come from different backgrounds, different parts of the world, different fundamental life experiences. Yet circumstance has brought us all together. And it’s that common humanity that I see more then anything else. It fills me with gratitude and hope. I guess what I am trying to say is that I am continually humbled by how much I have to learn and it sounds cliche but you have all taught me so much. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

With love,

Jordan Sahlberg

A Life by Design- Set Your New Year’s Intentions


Wade Brill at ZUM Fitness in the heart of downtown Seattle

The New Year is almost upon us. That time of year, where we like to say goodbye to the past and welcome in the new. But let’s be real. The second the clock strikes midnight on January 1st, we don’t magically turn into new people, lose those 10 lbs we have always said we are going to or make that career shift we have always been dreaming of. Instead, the new year marks a time to pause, reflect and connect to ourselves and our life. It is an opportunity to get really clear on our goals, our values and why they matter. It is an opportunity to make ourselves a priority in our own lives.

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Join Our Big Climb Team!

Join ZUm in supporting the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS)

ZŪM Fitness is recruiting members and staff to join our team for the Big Climb, in support of the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) on Sunday, March 24th, 2019. As a team, we will be climbing 69 flights of stairs to the top of Seattle’s Columbia Tower in an effort to raise awareness and donations to find a cure for blood cancer. That’s 1,311 steps and 788 feet of vertical elevation! Although it will be challenging, it pales in comparison to what blood cancer patients go through. Approximately every three minutes, someone in the US is diagnosed with a blood cancer.

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Women’s Self-Defense Information

Did you know?

  • 1 in 5 women are raped at some point in their life.
  • 1 in 3 experience sexual violence.
  • Approximately 92% of all sexual violence is committed by intimate partners or acquaintances.
  • Only 12% of child sex abuse is reported.
  • Only 10% of college/campus rape is reported.
  • 1 in 4 girls abused before the age of 18.
  • 63% of college aged men self-reported that they had raped a woman and, in some cases, raped more than once.

These are just some of the eye-opening statistics regarding rape and sexual assault in the United States. It’s terrifying, but you can do something about it. You don’t have to be a victim of sexual assault. With information, training, role-playing and practice, you can learn how to be safe on the streets and in the home. Your instructors are Captain Deanna Nollette, a veteran of both the Sex Crimes Division and the Homicide Division of the Seattle Police Department, who brings 22 years of experience in self-defense instruction to club ZUM, and Kevin Lollis, former US Marine and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu. Their goal will be to help you develop self-confidence, a winning attitude, and the skill set needed to defend yourself in all situations.

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Halloween Music for Your Workout!


Everett Lightcap

Everett Lightcap

It’s that time of year again when the leaves turn a different color, and the weather cools in preparation for to that PNW wet cold to which we conform ourselves for the coming months. But before we get there, we have Halloween, a holiday which is both decorative and personal. Whereas for children it means candy and dress-up, to adults it’s about…well, candy and dress-up!

To me, Halloween is always about the music. Teaching all forms of exercise for over 30 years now, Halloween is a time for me to pull out the creative stops and dust off music that I rarely get to hear. Here are some suggestions which I have used in my classes in the past. There are some you’ve heard and some that may grow on you with time. I know they have with me. Enjoy!



1. Season of the Witch – Donovan

From the twitchy guitar sound at the start to the slow build-up that sonically ends the song, this is a wild ride of internal visual psychedelia. Released in June 1967, this song was never issued as a single but is one of Donovan’s most loved tunes.  Trivia – The song was played over the end credits of the Gus Van Sant film To Die For in a movie-ending eerie twist.


 2. People Are Strange – The Doors

A track from the Doors sophomore album release in the fall of 1967, People Are Strange was issued as a single in September and peaked at #12 on the Billboard charts. This track has such a great creepy vibe it will have you looking back over your shoulder in no time! This song is not specifically for Halloween, but it sure adds character to a scary playlist! Trivia – the song was composed after a “depressed” Jim Morrison came back from a walk to the top of Laurel Canyon in Southern California with Doors guitarist Robby Krieger.


3. Planet Claire – The B-52’s

What’s not to love about this track? I’ve seen The B-52’s in concert on three separate occasions, and each time they play this quirky first track from their debut album. I still remember my 15-year-old self putting the needle on the record and hearing this blast all throughout my small bedroom. Pure heaven. Trivia – this was the second release from The B-52’s following Rock Lobster.


4. Somebody’s Watching Me – Rockwell

1984 was a good year for this one-hit wonder on the Motown label. Rockwell is the son of Motown label owner and CEO founder Berry Gordy. Kennedy “Rockwell” Gordy composed this #1 song and has two world-famous brothers on backup vocals, which make this haunting anthem’s hook irresistible. Trivia – the backup vocals are covered by Michael and Jermaine Jackson.


5. Devil Inside – INXS

This up-tempo rock pop song was a #2 hit in early 1988 from the great late Michael Hutchence and his INXS group. This was the second release from their wildly successful album Kick. Written by fellow group member Andrew Farriss and Hutchence, it’s one of INXS’s most well-known and accessible songs.  Trivia – Batman director Joel Schumacher shot and directed the club-themed video in Balboa, California.


6. Devil’s Haircut – Beck

This sound effects extravaganza barely cracked the Billboard’s Top 100, but it’s one of my favorite tracks by singer songwriter Beck Hansen (born Bek David Campbell). Only a studio genius could have created a track like this, and that is Beck, in my opinion.  

Besides, where else will you hear such angry-glee screaming at the end of a song? From Beck’s second album release Odelay, Beck sings about “stealing kisses from lepers’ faces”, “discount orgies and “garbage man trees”…awesome.  Trivia – the video shot in NYC, film-references both Midnight Cowboy and The 400 Blows.


7. Sheena is a Punk Rocker – The Ramones

Who hasn’t dressed up as a punk rocker at Halloween?  This head-bobbing song clocks in at a whopping 2:49 and it will get you up and dancing around the room in no time! The surf-influenced rhythm song was written by Joey Ramone and is one of their most popular tracks, but only peaked at #81 on the Billboard Charts in the summer of 1977.  Trivia – The song refers to a comic book character at the time, Sheena, Queen of the Jungle.


8. Psycho Killer – Talking Heads

Of course this would be on my Halloween playlist! This track has been on every Halloween class list I’ve ever made. It’s a masterpiece of paranoia, anxiety and worry put to an irresistible thumping beat. Songwriter David Byrne, Chris Frantz (drums), and Tina Weymouth (bass) earned a spot on the 500 song list of singles inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame with this track.  From their first album release, Talking Heads ’77, this was the band’s first single to reach the top 100 on Billboard, reaching #92. Trivia – the song was originally written and performed as a ballad.


9. Run Through the Jungle – Creedence Clearwater Revival

Written by CCR’s lead singer and guitarist, John Fogerty, this is a track off my favorite CCR album, 1970’s Cosmos Factory. The song is a clear and almost direct association with the Vietnam War, but Fogerty was quoted later as saying he penned the song to be about gun control. Trivia – the opening “jungle noises” was the band’s recorded loops of guitar and piano played backwards.


10. Heads Will Roll – Yeah Yeah Yeahs

This toe-tapping dance anthem is an irresistible piece of pop euphoria from the NYC based band from their 2009 album It’s Blitz!. The song clearly makes reference to  Lewis Carroll’s Queen of Hearts character from Alice in Wonderland, and makes you want to join in with her as you lop off each of her knights’ heads. Trivia – the song as we hear it today was not the original, but a remix by an American artist named JVH-C which became the most popular version heard now.


11. Missionary Man – Eurythmics

This haunting pop rock gem is a must for any playlist whether it’s Halloween or not. Taken from the UK band’s sixth release, it opens the album with a long slow building crescendo of sound recorded in what seems to be an industrial work site while a harmonica (played by Jimmy Zavala) swirls in and out like steam escaping from a series of grimy pipes. Lead singer Annie Lennox belts out her lead vocals with power and intensity while the beat pounds into your brain. Trivia – This would be the band’s last top 20 hit peaking at #14 in the summer of 1986.


12. Sympathy for the Devil – The Rolling Stones

Penned as a Jagger and Richards tune, but mostly a Jagger song, this hip-shaking, well-known, samba-styled Stones track is sung in the first person narrative by Jagger as he boasts of causing historical crimes and misdemeanors. The idea for the song, Jagger states, came from his Baudelaire books. “I took a couple of lines from the books and just expanded on it.”   Trivia – the song had two earlier working titles: Fallen Angels and The Devil is My Name.


13. I’m Your Boogie Man – K.C. & The Sunshine Band

Yes, I know this is a contextual problem (not THE Boogieman), but it’s such a great motivating disco groove, try not to move about while listening to this 1976 #1 song. Trivia – the song, written and produced by Harry Wayne Casey (K.C. himself) and Richard Finch, is about the DJ in their home state of Florida (hence the Sunshine Band) who first broke their hit Get Down Tonight on the airwaves.


14. Devil Woman – Cliff Richard

Another pearl from 1976, this one peaked at #6 in June of that year. The song, written by Terry Britten and Christine Holmes, is about a man hexed by an encounter with a cat with “evil eyes”, who now must seek the aid of a gypsy to break the curse. It’s a hard driven electric guitar lead song notably recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London. Trivia – the song was recently featured in the film I, Tonya.


15. Monster – Fred Schneider & The Shake Society

This is kind of cheating because I’ve already had a song by The B-52’s, but this is a solo project from the lead singer, released in 1984, and I’m sure I was one of only five people who bought the album.  It’s full of really tacky demo-style recordings, but this is a great foot stomper and includes a laugh-out-loud back-up performance by fellow B-52 singer, Kate Pierson. Give it a spin and enjoy! Trivia – Kate Pierson appears in the video and it was included with The B-52’s video collection release.


16. Ghost Town – The Specials

If you’re looking for some SKA in your workout, here is a UK #1 song from June 1981. Urban decay, deindustrialization, unemployment and inner-city violence is all set to a bouncing bass heavy SKA beat. It is a bit repetitive (although I think that’s SKA’s m.o.), but the rhythm is perfect for that lull before your final workout song. Trivia – Keyboardist and Specials leader Jerry Dammers says he wrote the song with weird diminished chords to help convey impending doom and that certain members of the band wanted simple chords and resented the tune.


17. Dead Man’s Party – Oingo Boingo

Released on April 29, 1986, this raucous tune with it’s off-key live horn section intro was the third single released from lead-singer-and-future-Batman/Edward Scissorhands/Pee-Wee’s-Big-Adventure-score-writing-and-producing-genius Danny Elfman.  It taps in at over 6 minutes of party dancing and booty shaking fun. Trivia – This was actually the B-side on several worldwide releases and was a bigger hit then the A-side “Stay.”


Cool Down

18. Witchcraft – Frank Sinatra

Old Blue-Eyes would recut this song later on his Reprise label, but this 1957 Capitol Records release, scored and orchestrated by the fantastically gifted Nelson Riddle, is the diamond to be admired. From the slithering clarinet opening to the hip finger snaps at the close of the song, this is a great way to bring your workout to an end while still making your heart beat fast! Trivia – This was recorded like most of Sinatra’s Capitol sessions with Frank standing live with the orchestra in the same room.


19. Spooky – Classics IV

This Billboard #3 song was released in October 1967 and is one my personal favorites. Originally, the song was written as an instrumental by Mike Shapiro and Harry Middlebrooks Jr., which stalled at #57, but James Cobb and producer Buddy Blue created the version here with fantastic and memorable lyrics about “a spooky little girl like you!”, sung so well by Classics IV lead vocalist Dennis Yost. Trivia – Cobb and Classics IV bandmate Dean Daugherty would later go on to create and become a part of the Atlantic Rhythm Section who would have hits with “So Into You” and “Imaginary Lover”.

Women’s Self Defense Course at ZŪM Fitness!


Kevin Lollis

I have taught Hawaiian Jujitsu for several years, and I’ve been lucky enough to teach a class here and there specifically to women only, but for many years now, I have wanted to teach a women’s self-defense class on an ongoing basis. It’s finally going to happen here at ZŪM, and I can’t wait to tell you all about it.

Seattle Police Department

My teaching partner, Captain Deanna Nollette, is a longtime member of the club. She has been with the Seattle Police for many years, first as a patrol officer, then in public relations, then to the Sex Crimes Division, and now Homicide. Deanna has also carved out the time to teach women’s self-defense for more than 20 years during her career, and now she’s going to do the same for us here at ZŪM. She brings real-world lessons and experience and hard-won information from the streets that she’s willing to share with the class in a no-nonsense, refreshingly real and direct manner.

A little about me: I discovered an interest in martial arts while studying hand-to-hand-combat in the US Marine Corp. When I got out of the marines I studied both Kenpo and Taekwondo. Eventually I was fortunate enough to find a martial arts school teaching JuJitsu that was run like a club, not a for-profit business. As a result, my training always included teaching others. If you were a member of the club you were expected to help out by showing junior students everything you had learned. I was bitten by the teaching bug very early on, and feel most at home when I see the light go on in a student’s eyes during that “aha” moment. I’m currently ranked as a San Dan–-Third Degree Black Belt–in Danzan Ryu JuJitsu and I have been teaching for more than 10 years.

Deanna and I have met several times to go over the format of the class, and we both feel it will be packed with useful information, simple but effective self-defense skills, and more. It will include an exercise portion: warm-up, strength/cardio blast, and skill development drills. We’ll also be covering the most common types of sexual assault, warning signs of predatory behavior, strategies and techniques of abusers, and how to avoid situations before you’re in danger.

The ZŪM Fitness Women’s Self Defense Course is designed as a three-day seminar. Classes are held once each quarter over a Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Although each day’s class is packed with important information, the focus of each session is on practical exercises and drills that help teach skills to ensure your ability to break contact with an attacker and reach safety.

The warm up/exercise portion of the class utilizes movements rooted in military and martial arts training. The exercises themselves help develop abilities that support physical success in combat scenarios. During the class, your instructor will cover information that can help you identify behaviors and tactics associated with predatory violence against women and avoid an assault before it happens. We will cover; “Risk Assessment”, “The 5 Basic Characteristics of Predatory Individuals”, “The Predatory Process”, “Conscious and Subconscious Victim Facilitators”, “Pre-conflict, Conflict and Post-Conflict Stages of Assault”, “Victim Grooming Behaviors”, “Role Playing Drills” and much, much more.

Every class will provide participants with a good workout, a self-defense skill development/practice session, and a dramatic increase in knowledge as well as a boost in self-confidence. Everyone will leave with a notebook covering every detail of the class as well as additional information they can take home to share with family/friends.

I’m very excited that we have this opportunity here at ZŪM. Our entire staff is dedicated to helping ensure a safe, healthy, and happy life for our members and their families. Bring your daughters, your nieces, sisters, coworkers, and friends. Our class will be a fun, eye-opening, confidence building, and most importantly, life-saving experience should you ever need it.


Joe DeShaw

In mid August ZŪM hosted a Member Appreciation Party to show our gratitude for the people who support us and allow us to support them. As I was planning my speech I realized that I had a unique conundrum. I knew I was grateful–I’ve been grateful for the past twenty years–but I hadn’t thought of why. I just felt it. It was time to do some self-examination!

I came to realize that I love the career I’ve put so much time and intention into developing because of how much I enjoy working with people. Personal training has been the mode I use to help people live more satisfying and fulfilling lives.

I’ve always felt a tremendous sense of purpose in being there for clients who are performing physical feats they’ve never done before, enjoying doing the activities they love to do with vigor and without pain, improving their blood panel biometrics, getting back to 100%–and beyond– after recovering from an injury, feeling more confident and energetic as they take on life’s challenges, and using movement for stress release to feel equanimity during tumultuous times.

I didn’t grow up thinking health and fitness training could be a career option. I played sports, lifted weights, packed healthy lunches to school, and read Muscle and Fitness Magazine. I didn’t want to be a competitive bodybuilder–I just loved training to be stronger, faster, and more flexible. And I loved learning and applying new healthy lifestyle habits. In college, I majored in Exercise Science, thinking I’d serve society with a career in the Fire Department and do personal training on my days off.

That was in 1996. I’ve since worked in a few different physical therapy clinics and health clubs, as a Physical Therapy Aide (do they have those anymore?), owner of my personal training business, and now as General Manager at ZŪM. I can’t express how thankful I am to be one of the founding trainers at ZŪM and still with this community after 16 years! Managing ZŪM has been challenging, both personally and professionally, but in the throes of my most difficult days, I am still grateful to be part of such an inviting and professional community of staff, clients, and members with whom I’ve developed meaningful relationships with over the years. I still go to work each day with a tremendous sense of purpose, and I know I can say the same for so many of the ZŪM Team who love working with people as much as I do.

Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and for allowing us to be there and see you grow and develop. Thank you for choosing us to be your partners in supporting you and educating you to be a healthier version of yourself, whether you stay with us for one month or several years. It’s an honor and privilege for us, and we continually strive to make ZŪM your “happy place”; your sanctuary of health and well-being.