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members love the music in class!

Bridget’s Favorite HardCore Playlist!

The word “music” is derived from the Greek root Muses, who are the goddesses of inspiration.  To my mind, there’s no better word to describe what music brings to my life.  Here’s the 13th HardCore song list that member Bridget Cobb thought was the bomb, so I thought I’d share it wilh all of you.…

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Meghan Dahl at ZUM Fitness in the heart of downtown Seattle

A Major Change for Meghan

  One of my favorite “tasks” as ZUM’s Member Services Director is interviewing our Member of the Month. In these interviews, I always ask, “what were you looking for when you first joined ZUM?” The answer is always unique, but there’s also a consistent theme: “and so much more.” Reflecting on my time at ZUM,…

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Per Kolb at ZUM Fitness in the heart of downtown Seattle

A Fond Farewell from Per

  Recently a man named Andrés Iniesta Luján played what would be his last match for a soccer team in Barcelona. At 1 am he was found walking around the grass pitch barefoot, seemingly trying to soak in the last bits of essence, from a place that had proven to be one of the defining periods…

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Meet April’s Member of the Month – Tom Wintering

  When you first joined ZUM, what made you want or need to join a gym?   I got into the gym culture in undergrad. Each dorm at Notre Dame has a small gym, and I was lucky enough to be in one run by an avid crossfitter who outfitted the space with incredible equipment.…

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Meet March’s Member of the Month – Chuan Nguyen

  Back in 2009, after almost 50 years of playing soccer, Chuan Nguyen found himself looking for a new way to stay fit and found his outlet at ZUM. Since then, he’s become a fixture in our community, even winning a Zummie award at our February Member Appreciation Party! Chuan truly enjoys the journey that…

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Colin McClelland

Get to Know the ZUM Team: Colin McClelland

    Welcome to the ZUM Team, Colin! It’s awesome to have a dedicated Weightlifting Personal Fitness Coach to help members navigate this dynamic, often misunderstood practice. I find it really interesting how people find their way to becoming a lifter. What’s your story?   I grew up in Austin and played a lot of…

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Amy Trevor cool-down member month February ZUM Fitness Seattle gym why community

Meet February’s Members of the Month: Amy Leigh Morgan & Trevor Smith

  It may not be an old adage, but we think there has to be some truth to the idea that the couple who works out together, stays together, so we thought it would be fun to showcase a ZUM couple as our February members of the month! Meet Amy Leigh Morgan and Trevor Smith!…

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brigid johnson amazon horse riding zum fitness member of month january

Meet January’s Member of the Month – Brigid Johnson

    As we embark upon a new year and start thinking about our 2018 aspirations, we can’t help but look to our community for inspiration. It’s everywhere, but we’re feeling particularly inspired by January’s Member of the Month, Brigid Johnson, and the success she’s seen over the past year! Brigid’s goal was to “become…

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Meet December’s Member of the Month – Shavonne Tate

  Have you ever met someone who just radiates and makes you smile every time you see them? Our December Member of the Month Shavonne Tate is definitely one of those people!  Shavonne joined ZUM a little over a year ago after relocating from Chicago. She’s been an awesome addition to our community – always…

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Meet November’s Member of the Month Erwin Park!

Barely a day goes by at ZUM without Erwin Park swinging into ZUM for a class. Whether it’s K.O, crossfit, Playground Express or whatever happens to fit into his schedule he rarely skips a day, but it wasn’t always that way. For a long time, he worked out on his own but found by joining…

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