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Pilates at ZUM Fitness

Pilates at ZUM!

In the November 18th issue of The Seattle Times, Nick Vannett, tight end of the Seattle Seahawks, was interviewed about his experience with Pilates. “Third-year tight end Nick Vannett embraced Pilates to help treat a herniated disc in his back. Months later he’s having his best season in Seattle.” Nick goes on to say, “it…

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Erik Ciccarelli's Three Free for better health

Focus on the Three Free

In a current world of information overload and immediate gratification, we’re constantly looking to what works the best to feel optimal and look our best. Like in any other industry, new methods are always being developed in fitness. New products are coming out all the time, to help you lose weight, get stronger, improve balance,…

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Backcountry skiing

Backcountry Skiing: Fifteen Minutes on a Mountain

Skiing is part of my identity. Wherever I am, mountains bring me a sense of familiarity and are a source of inspiration. I was placed in ski boots around the time I started walking. For a while, I participated in competitive freestyle skiing, and briefly competed and trained at the international level. Eventually, I decided…

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Aging with strength and agility

Spitfire!: ZUM’s Answer to Longevity Training

A few years ago I was walking through my old fitness club in Philadelphia, and saw a group of people in the classroom sitting on chairs and lifting 3 lb. weights. They looked relaxed, comfortable, and BORED. As the instructor, a good friend of mine and a killer fitness pro, led the group through seated…

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Spin class at ZUM Fitness

Indoor Cycling at ZUM

Years ago, when I joined my first gym, I was very curious about the cycling classes. At that facility, they were in a special room, from which muffled, thumping music could be heard when class was in session. People emerged after class sweaty and smiling, which made me want to try it out, but I…

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Rick Stockman's tips for training for running.

Training Tips for Runners

Race season is upon us and it’s important for runners to vary their programs to maintain strength and reduce the likelihood of injury. Here are a few easy tips that any runner can implement regardless of their level of experience:

Finding time to workout can be a challenge

Incorporating Workouts Into Your Daily Routine

When it comes to working out, most of us have the best intentions, knowing that it’s good for our mind and body. However, we’ve all been there before, when life gets unexpectedly busy on top of the already-busy pre-existing schedule, and all of our workout time goes down the drain from a single email notification.…

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Exercise while traveling

Why I Enjoy and Embrace Exercise When I Vacation

  (How to Love Dumbbells in Costa Rica) I need a break. So do you, right? We all have a desire–no, a duty–to our souls and bodies to rest and recover. The stress that everyday life brings us builds until it’s far too painfully obvious that we would benefit from some time away. I inevitably…

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Personal trainer Laurie Junkins in downtown Seattle

The Cues My Clients Hear the Most

  If you are a personal training client, you know that your trainer frequently provides guidance as you perform each movement so that you use the best possible form and get the most out of every rep. Or, you may have either heard us coaching our clients on the gym floor, or experienced it yourself…

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ZUM Sport

ZŪM SPORT – Train Like an Athlete. Train Smart.

  High-level athletes in all sports train in a cyclical and periodized manner. This means their training changes based on where they are in relation to their season/competition. When an athlete is furthest from their season/competition, they’ll typically train with less specificity (lower intensity and more generalized) in order to build a base-level of health…

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