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How fit is your Fitbit?

How reliable are fitness trackers?


(Note: this is the final blog post from trainer Jordan Sahlberg, who has moved on to exciting new professional challenges. Good luck, Jordan!)


Wearable fitness trackers have seen a massive increase in popularity with the everyday person interested in more accurately measuring and quantifying their fitness level. Companies like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike, Apple, Garmin, MOOV and more offer many different devices aimed at doing just that. But before you go out and buy a device it is worth asking yourself a few questions. First, do these devices actually measure what they say they are measuring? And if so, how reliable are their measurements?

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Backcountry Skiing: Fifteen Minutes on a Mountain

Backcountry skiing

Skiing is part of my identity. Wherever I am, mountains bring me a sense of familiarity and are a source of inspiration. I was placed in ski boots around the time I started walking. For a while, I participated in competitive freestyle skiing, and briefly competed and trained at the international level. Eventually, I decided I’d had enough of the competitive routine – the focus was always on the next competition and accumulating points. The rules of those competitions were rigid and seemed, to me, designed to stymie progression and fun. I started skiing more with my friends, improved further as a skier, and had infinitely more fun just skiing for skiing’s sake. While attending Western Washington University, motivated by access to the unique terrain and mountain culture local the to Mt. Baker region, I progressed into backcountry skiing. There was no going back.

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Why I Enjoy and Embrace Exercise When I Vacation


(How to Love Dumbbells in Costa Rica)

I need a break. So do you, right? We all have a desire–no, a duty–to our souls and bodies to rest and recover. The stress that everyday life brings us builds until it’s far too painfully obvious that we would benefit from some time away. I inevitably look forward to getting away, preferably to a tropical spot, and just sitting. Sleeping. Reading. Eating and drinking. Meeting new people. Listening to music. And exercising.

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Jordan’s Outdoor and Climbing Resources

Jordan Sahlberg

I absolutely love living in the Pacific Northwest!  I have been playing outside in the mountains for as long as I can remember.  I quickly went from hiking with my parents to climbing the volcanoes in college and volunteering with Bellingham mountain rescue.  Even with all the time of spent in the high places of this great state it can still be difficult to gather information for the next adventure.  There are so many areas to visit and it’s hard to figure out what you will need or what to choose! So, below you will find a collection of information sources that I have always found to be invaluable for trip planning.  I like to use a collection of blogs, forums and assorted websites to get an idea for different trips to unknown or somewhat mysterious areas in the Cascades. Now, full disclosure, I am big into alpine climbing (technical mountaineering), backcountry skiing (climbing up and skiing down), rock climbing and backpacking so my resources reflect those interests.  Still, for the weekend warrior trying to find a new place to get outside and play, I think the following resources will be helpful…

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