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Emily Boudreau

Succeed and Thrive: Emily Boudreau

I met Emily Boudreau in January, when she signed up for The Bridge program.  At that time she had made good progress in physical therapy and wanted to get back to running.  Now she’s rockin’ an active lifestyle and has recovered from her back and knee injuries. Check out this interview with Emily and learn…

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Succeeding and Thriving: Grant Cole

Grant Cole has had a phenomenal knee rehabilitation. The ease and intelligence he approaches his body with inspired me to interview him. His message about the benefits of “dorky” physical therapy exercises and an optimistic, empowered mindset are staples for anybody going through the challenges of physical rehabilitation.

Succeed and Thrive: Becky Witmer

The vibe at ZUM is friendly and welcoming. It is truly a community where I feel supported to meet my fitness goals. The personal training philosophy is to help you move better in whatever your life activities may be. I enjoy hiking and skiing, so my trainer designs great workouts to get me mountain ready!…

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After training at ZUM Fitness with Laurie Junkins

Succeed and Thrive: Michael Sharps

I joined ZUM because I enjoy the challenge of maintaining and improving my physical fitness.  ZUM provides me with a convenient, well equipped facility to do just about any exercise I want.  The team at ZUM has consistently helped me by motivating, educating, and providing new challenges to keep me going. ZUM is great! When I came…

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Interview With Training Client/ZUM Member Billy Morales

  I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with ZUM member and client Billy Morales  to chat about fitness and training. Billy and I have been working together since the beginning of this year, and I could not be more proud of his hard work and the progress he’s made. Aside from the accomplishment…

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Meet July’s Member of the Month – Vini Gupta

  We couldn’t be happier to introduce you to July’s member of the month, Vini Gupta! Vini’s been at ZUM about a year now and embodies how patience and persistence leads to incredible progress. Not only is she getting stronger every day and has lost almost 30 pounds since joining, she’s taken up skydiving and…

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Meet June’s Member of the Month – Ian Anderson

    Father’s Day may have passed, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to feature one of our amazing ZUM dads, Ian Anderson, as our June Member of the Month! Ian’s been contributing his warm, joyful energy to the ZUM community for almost 6 years now. Although he’s a bit of a loaner when…

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Meet May’s Member of the Month – Erin Karp!

                Since you were one of the first members I recall connecting with at ZUM, it feels like you’ve always been part of the ZUM community, but how long have you officially been a member?    Almost exactly 15 years!   Wow! I wasn’t too far off! How…

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Meet April’s Member of the Month – Tom Wintering

  When you first joined ZUM, what made you want or need to join a gym?   I got into the gym culture in undergrad. Each dorm at Notre Dame has a small gym, and I was lucky enough to be in one run by an avid crossfitter who outfitted the space with incredible equipment.…

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Meet March’s Member of the Month – Chuan Nguyen

  Back in 2009, after almost 50 years of playing soccer, Chuan Nguyen found himself looking for a new way to stay fit and found his outlet at ZUM. Since then, he’s become a fixture in our community, even winning a Zummie award at our February Member Appreciation Party! Chuan truly enjoys the journey that…

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