Class Tracks

Class Tracks provide a roadmap to meet your individual goals. Whether you want to lose weight, improve your strength and physique, or set a new personal best at your next event, we’ve got a Class Track for you!

  • Our HIIT, Fit, and Lean Class Track uses High-Intensity Interval Training and conditioning classes to rock your favorite outfit, blow off some steam, and elevate your cardio fitness.
  • Our Strength and Build Class Track combines strength training and mobility classes to build and tone your muscles, be strong, and feel stronger!
  • Our Athletic Performance Class Track blends the right balance of strength, agility, and mobility to live with the certainty of knowing you can do it!

Each class track is composed of the following types of classes, combined to meet the outcome you want to achieve:

  • STRENGTH: Improve strength and muscular development with barbell and dumbbell strength training in classes like Push Pull Power, Resilient Strength, and Fortitude. Learn how to perform Olympic Weightlifting exercises in ZUM Barbell Club.
  • CARDIO: Improve cardiovascular health, burn calories, and increase HR with classes like 40’ HIIT and Cycling (spin).
  • SPORT: Improve athleticism and activity performance with classes like ZUM Sport, Playground Express, and Rugged.
  • STRUCTURE: Hone movement quality and efficiency. These classes include the ZUM signature offerings like HardCore and Xcelerate that have been a mainstay of our fitness programs since 2002.
  • MINDBODY: Improve mobility, recovery, mental resilience, and mindfulness with MObility, Yoga, Pilates.


The week's events

  • Monday (17 events)
  • Tuesday (17 events)
  • Wednesday (18 events)
    The Furnace
  • Thursday (19 events)
  • Friday (19 events)
    HomeCore + Active Mobility
    The Furnace
  • Saturday (17 events)
  • Sunday (17 events)