Hear Directly from The ZŪM Community

Dana Cretu
Dana C.
17:27 14 Mar 20
UPDATE: I've seen the company take great strides in the light of recent events and commend their forward thinking to keep everyone safe and healthy. They were amongst the first of many companies to offer creative solutions to protecting the continued health and safety of their clients and staff, offering live remote classes at home, keeping us informed via email, and detailing what steps they were taking to deep clean and sterilize the facility. They've shown that they are proactive rather than reactive, and I wanted to give my thanks. Previous-For location and convenience, zum currently works for us. The people here are friendly, staff and gym goers alike, but there have been too many upkeep issues lately that have really gotten to my partner and I. Namely, the cleanliness of the facility in whole, the poor quality of the towels, the state of the products in the locker room, and other minor things. They have replaced a few machines and added a cold towel mini fridge, but these don't make up for what needs to be changed and upkept - especially the mats and towels. It's also uncommonly warm in this gym, winter and summer alike.
Ann H.
Ann H.
13:23 03 Mar 20
Zum Fitness is the greatest gym I've ever been to. Read this and search no further for a gym in downtown Seattle. It is welcoming and comfortable, the space...
Abbey Churchill
Abbey C.
14:50 28 Feb 20
The best part is they are constantly pushing you to do better, and that makes me want to come back everyday. My fiance and I are about to get married and training here together is so encouraging. I know we will look toned on our wedding day because we have the best team behind us. If you want a high intensity, fun environment where the exercises change everyday, this is the place to be.
Dylan Rush
Dylan R.
23:00 18 Feb 20
Great gym for the variety of equipment and free classes. They have monkey bars, rowing machines, climbing and warrior ropes in addition to all the equipment one would normally expect. Not too difficult to get a squat rack or bench press even at peak hours. My one complaint is that I never attended the classes, and the classes were right next to the cardio equipment and pretty loud and would always happen right around 5/6 pm. But sometimes trainers would play good music so whatever. Locker rooms were pretty clean. Decent sauna. Overall good value.
kapeed 14
kapeed 1.
06:21 03 Jan 20
Markus Eng
Markus E.
22:52 02 Jan 20
A great gym for those who value the diversity of fitness and training methods. Yoga, martial arts, boxing and Pilates are some of the many practices here.
Raji P.
Raji P.
16:56 17 Dec 19
Laurie is an amazing Trainer! She combines fun and fitness so efficiently. She has this innate ability to listen carefully to your needs while keeping in...
Julia Hlavacik
Julia H.
01:15 01 Dec 19
I hate the gym, but I love this gym. The owners care about their gym-goers and will learn your name before your free week is over. They learn what works for you and what doesn’t and help you modify. This isn’t a gym with a lot of frills, but they do have some frills that count like a clean locker room and free-to-use mats in the yoga studio. I didn’t like that I had to commit to a certain amount of time when I signed up because my job comes with some chance of relocation, but they have a reasonable cancellation policy if you move more than 50 miles away. It didn’t end up mattering because of my job and I have not wanted to cancel for any other reason either. I’ll be coming back as long as I live in Seattle. Special thanks to Joe and Derek for all of their work with me!
Leigh Bulwell
Leigh B.
08:59 05 Nov 19
This gym may be very elegant! Likely the nicest gymnasium I've used within the States. I suppose their instructions and their instructors are terrific, informed and green. I could need to deliver a special "shout out" to trainer/trainer. He is high-quality. I desire I may want to find the money for him!
Rachel L.
Rachel L.
21:17 15 Oct 19
I tried the free week trial with ZUM Fitness. Their customer service was beyond expectations. Despite its prime location in the middle of downtown, the gym...
Katherine Davis
Katherine D.
10:17 14 Oct 19
Small and quaint
Carey Juran
Carey J.
21:39 27 Sep 19
I really don't want to write this review because I want to keep this gym all to myself, but I can't do that to this gym, as they are just too good, and I want them to succeed, just like they want me to succeed. It is a little pricier than other gyms, but you get every last bit of your money's worth. Let's talk about the staff - they are top tier professionals (that's you Laurie and Ta Wei!). They give me individual attention during classes to make sure my form is correct. They care about me. How do I know? First, they learned my name and they remembered it. They make extra time to discuss my goals and what is, or isn't, working. Liz (personal fitness coach) and Joe (the General Manager) carved extra time out of their schedules to work with me on a hip issue, and then discussed ways I could strengthen those muscles.....and then they both kept checking in with me! Liz even tailored the group exercises to focus on strengthen the muscles related to my hip issues (that would be my glutes, as she informed me). They push you to be your best self. Whenever I have an issue with my account, or some other concern, Derek (the Fitness Manager) meets with me in person, within 24 hours and made me feel heard. The cherry on top of this healthy banana split is that everyone that goes here is around my age (i.e. NOT 20), and they take their fitness seriously. Even the members are awesome. For example: I am shy, and at my first group class, one of the members introduced himself, and then kept giving me words of encouragement throughout the class, but not in an overbearing way. I feel like I sound like I was paid to do this, but I wasn't. This is one of those rare experiences that make you believe that there really are businesses that care about you and aren't just trying to fleece you. If you take your fitness seriously, you would be crazy to go to any other gym.
William Gaylord
William G.
16:18 18 Sep 19
I hardly ever write reviews, but I have been working out at ZUM for nearly a year now and it is not an exaggeration to say ZUM and their team has advanced the quality of my life and health for the better, big time. First, the ZUM experience: while at first it could seem a bit intimidating at first, the facility is truly the best environment to workout anywhere in Seattle and I have over the years tried pretty much all of them, both public and private clubs. The combination of the generous space over two floors, the light from all three sides as well as huge skylights, the variety of serious and practical machines and equipment with the amazing warmup ‘runway’, the multitude of free classes coming with membership, BUT most of all is the great staff many of which become friends: they are truly dedicated to make you welcome, be your workout community, and most important to reach your fitness goals. My assigned advisor and trainer Rick, (with membership you get one evaluation and session free), set me up with a great program to reach what I thought at the time were more than aggressive goals. If he sees me during the week with not quite the right form or technique he happily coaches me gratis and inspires me to move beyond my goals, which I surprisingly have. ZUM says, ‘you are stronger than you think’.. and then they show you how with that positive constructive training community, the essence of ZUM. The facility is first rate, with a fairly roomy men’s locker room that has the only shower in Seattle with natural western light that I know of. A few lockers recently needed maintenance and were tweaked by Kevin, one of the many great staff that always makes one feel welcome. Favorite part of my week is to go work out at ZUM, best fitness center and value in Seattle. Highly recommend. Thanks ZUM!
Cameron Knox
Cameron K.
16:41 30 Aug 19
I'll start with the easy stuff: Zum fitness is by far the best gym in the area. The staff are so welcoming and inviting, and staff like Kevin made me feel incredibly welcome during my time in the area. The amenities allow you to get your workout in during most parts of the day, and by the time you leave you'll be fresher than you were when you walked in. The equipment is impeccable, and the personal trainer devote 100% of their attention to you. 10/10, wouldn't workout anywhere else.
Ebony Nunir
Ebony N.
19:02 20 Aug 19
great atmosphere! great group of ppl to work out with
Denise E.
Denise E.
15:12 12 Aug 19
Both the personal training & group classes at ZUM are excellent. Personal Trainer, Mo Sullivan, is top notch for general fitness instruction as well as...
Emelie E.
Emelie E.
10:23 06 Aug 19
PILATES! Did I get your attention? 😉 It's pretty rare for a gym to have a top-notch pilates presence and Zum has that in spades. Of course there are mat...
Mark Gaaserud
Mark G.
22:21 02 Aug 19
The “special sauce” at Zum is the caliber of the staff. It’s a nice facility with a wide selection of free weights and machines, and they offer a variety of instructor-led classes at times that work for my office schedule. However, what impresses me the most is the people. My morning class instructors are ridiculously friendly and professional. When I need something from the office staff, I feel like I’m talking to a human being, not a distant stranger behind a corporate curtain. Finally, the General Manger, who leads an evening class that I attend, seems like someone who genuinely enjoys engaging with clients and helping them to meet their fitness goals. In my experience, it’s a high-quality operation, and the people are a pleasure to work with.
savanna reilly
savanna R.
14:35 09 Jul 19
By far the best gym atmosphere I’ve ever been seen. Everyone is extremely friendly and helpful and you truly get a community feeling. At first I stuck to workouts on my own and the gym has more than everything that I needed for any movement. After 5 weeks of that I started signing up for classes and now I’m hooked. Whether you’re looking to get a good workout in or learn new strength techniques, I highly recommend this gym. Whether you’re looking for
Sam Warren
Sam W.
12:13 09 Jul 19
I am the Medical Director for Wise Patient Internal Medicine. ZUM is a go-to for personal training for our patients, who range widely in their physical abilities and aspirations. Two of ZUM's senior trainers, Joe Deshaw and Liz Robinson, recently spent long hours with us developing a personal training sequence for us to include in our membership primary care model. Across the board our patients have been very happy with that experience. The entire team at ZUM seems to genuinely care where our patients' lives are going. Thank you ZUM!
Lynn Black
Lynn B.
10:44 26 Apr 19
This is my favorite studio in Seattle! I always walk away dead and so well worked out.
Tiffany M.
Tiffany M.
23:58 08 Apr 19
I've been a member of Zum for 4 few years. I absolutely love it. The classes are top notch. I'd recommend anything by Liz (her 11:10am Mon, Wed, is my...
Natalie G.
Natalie G.
12:47 27 Mar 19
I've been a member of Zum for over a year and continue to enjoy every aspect of the gym. The staff is so friendly and welcoming. They know me by name and...
Daisha Nilsen
Daisha N.
20:23 07 Feb 19
BA McMullen
16:43 11 Sep 18
Just finished up my free week trial and I've got to admit this place is awesome. The first floor has amble space to perform olympic lifts, with a huge (albeit a little uneven) platform. The upstairs is your pretty standard gym with cardio machines, free weights, fitness class space, etc. They apparently also have CrossFit classes held here if that's what you're into. As for the (women's) locker room, top of the line with showers, keypad lockers, and all the items you could possibly need from dry shampoo to curling irons. All the staff members were friendly and always willing to help. The manager was engaging and very responsive to email. If you're in the Seattle area, definitely give Zum a try.
Lisa Nelson
Lisa N.
00:01 09 Aug 18
David Zuluaga
David Z.
19:33 24 Jul 18
-Great gym and facilities-Very friendly rates and terms for interns
Drama Royal
Drama R.
01:05 10 Jul 18
Marty Marenstein
Marty M.
15:24 12 Jun 18
Eric Menninga
Eric M.
04:35 31 May 18
Landon Harris
Landon H.
12:58 21 May 18
Pros:-Friendly staff-Good equipment-Nice classes-Clean showers/locker room-Plenty of towels-Don’t forget to check out the sauna-Be sure to ask if they have an employer discount for your employer-Refer friends in exchange for free months-It gets busy during prime time but not insane like some gyms I’ve been to. You can still get your workout inCons:-Crossfitters sometimes run the stairs, and it’s the only way to get out of the gym. It’s annoying to have to wait on them for 10 minutes while their entire class does circuits. Entering/exiting patrons should have priority, the stairs aren’t meant to be part of your workout.
Ted Tworek
Ted T.
14:37 20 May 18
Joe Bowbeer
Joe B.
17:13 03 May 18
Devansh Desai
Devansh D.
20:33 15 Apr 18
Good gym but way too expensive even with an employee discount
Brittney Thornton
Brittney T.
19:59 21 Mar 18
It's so much more than it seems! This place is HUGE and offers such a wide selection of workout options. Staff are educated and energetic. Love it.
Alistair Hamilton
Alistair H.
02:03 21 Mar 18
Robert Middleton
Robert M.
21:25 08 Feb 18
Shannon Dwyer
Shannon D.
04:42 28 Jan 18
Zum is a very relaxed gym atmosphere. I really enjoy the open spaces and the friendly staff. The spin classes, while good, fall short given that their spin instructors typically don't dress down and spin with the class. Aside from that, the gym is awesome.
Arjang Parsa
Arjang P.
19:42 20 Jan 18
Very good gym and great staff and guidance.
Abdelrahman Elbarbary
Abdelrahman E.
22:19 28 Dec 17
Very friendly, welcoming and professional staff. they make you feel like you belong to the place from day one. Also, Derek is an awesome trainer.
Per Kolb
Per K.
17:02 09 Dec 17
Kenny Williams
Kenny W.
04:12 03 Dec 17
Valentina Colombres
Valentina C.
02:24 23 Nov 17
Markus Eng
Markus E.
02:20 25 Oct 17
Craig Warheit
Craig W.
20:51 23 Oct 17
Prakarsh Singh
Prakarsh S.
04:55 20 Oct 17
Whitney Kobey
Whitney K.
23:29 07 Oct 17
Jacob Marquez
Jacob M.
02:43 02 Oct 17
Love this gym, the community, the classes, and all of the cool equipment!
Jennifer Richardson
Jennifer R.
03:28 28 Sep 17
Great clean facility with a great layout, classes & trainers
Nikhil Kharwandikar
Nikhil K.
05:07 27 Sep 17
Brander Roullett
Brander R.
15:39 22 Sep 17
Jackson Snyder
Jackson S.
23:23 09 Sep 17
I guest in under my dad's membership fairly often. It is a great gym, but a little lacking if you want to lift.
Derek Seymour
Derek S.
04:40 09 Sep 17
Vini Gupta
Vini G.
04:36 04 Sep 17
The trainers and staff are really helpful and they take care and responsibility of the trainees as their own. Love them.
Jason Ado
Jason A.
23:01 02 Sep 17
Ali Ritter
Ali R.
16:29 30 Aug 17
Zuhair Khan
Zuhair K.
04:35 29 Aug 17
Ian Gorton
Ian G.
03:37 25 Aug 17
Been a member for 2 years. This is a fab gym, friendly, with fun innovative classes and trainers, and excellent facilities. I also love that they have internal bike parking for cyclists like me 🙂
Gregory White
Gregory W.
01:49 17 Aug 17
Monique Kaufman
Monique K.
00:43 12 Aug 17
My first time there, what an awesome place to workout. I felt relaxed and the staff made me feel like I'd been there for years.
Seth Alexander
Seth A.
21:40 09 Aug 17
Nice place but pricey.
David Ren
David R.
17:01 18 Jul 17
Very good gym, enough space for work out. They provide sticker for parking discount.
Adam Colvin
Adam C.
16:36 02 Jul 17
Adarsh Suresh
Adarsh S.
22:17 13 Jun 17
Membership is too expensive compared to the gym equipment offered. Good value if you need classes
Yi Chiang
Yi C.
21:22 13 Jun 17
Great location. Olympic lifting platform downstairs with a good assortment of weights and machines upstairs.
Olena Bosenok
Olena B.
19:57 03 Jun 17
Great trainers, very well equipped gym, clean changing room and showers, amazing sauna!
Ian Witucki
Ian W.
00:29 19 May 17
Anthony Dickson
Anthony D.
01:26 06 May 17
Nothing else comes close to what Zum is. Try it, you won't regret it.
Amy Gillcrist
Amy G.
21:58 27 Apr 17
Such a great place! I was at a conference in Seattle for a week and searched for a gym with more options than the hotel treadmill. Zum has everything you need for a great workout including cross-fit equipment and a great selection of kettlebells. I felt very welcome, all the trainers and staff were friendly, they even gave me my first visit free. The gym is clean, bright, and modern, with great locker rooms, and all the equipment is in good condition. I highly recommend Zum Fitness and will definitely go back if in Seattle again.
Stacie Leslie
Stacie L.
00:07 27 Apr 17
I am new to Zum but am loving it! Liz is an amazing instructor. Clean, nice gym with a lot of variety and a very reasonable price. So happy I found this gem!
Mengxuan nnn
Mengxuan N.
03:02 12 Apr 17
I think the class here is great, but the membership organization is not that good .The staff told me the wrong information about my membership and they forgot they said it. And obviously what they told me is different from what they noted in their system.But again the class is great.
Mengxuan Zhang
Mengxuan Z.
02:58 12 Apr 17
Lisa Birdsall
Lisa B.
04:18 06 Apr 17
Megan Bassetti
Megan B.
22:00 29 Mar 17
Brynna Baldauf
Brynna B.
23:14 22 Mar 17
Katrina Johnson
Katrina J.
21:40 09 Feb 17
This gym is my jam! I love the people, the trainers and the classes! It is the most well rounded club in Seattle. I also love that they care so much about technique and the quality of movement. They also care about a well balanced, healthy person from the inside out. Thanks to everyone that consistently rocks my world and makes me happier and healthier. Zum is one of a kind.
Steve Erickson
Steve E.
22:13 16 Jan 17
Shelley Steinhorst
Shelley S.
16:13 08 Jan 17
Ali Ritter
Ali R.
18:21 14 Dec 16
One of the best gyms in Seattle. Unique atmosphere - a small community of health-minded persons of all ages and races. Not a "smoothie bar" gym, but a place where serious people go to learn how to really focus on their long-term health. Crossfit, yoga, cycling, boxing, fitness classes, special workshops, special events, and highly qualified trainers (they have trained Olympians!).
Tylor Sampson
Tylor S.
21:23 02 Dec 16
Great workout facility, friendly staff.
Lance French
Lance F.
14:33 31 Oct 16
Gwendolyn Fae Pavlick
Gwendolyn Fae P.
16:27 19 Oct 16
I visit Seattle three to four times a years!!! Going to ZUM Fitnesd is a must on my trip! Joe and the entire staff always blow my brains and get my sweat on! Thanks ZUM for letting me train while I travel! Love you guys! Xo
Laura van Nigtevegt
Laura van N.
20:11 21 Sep 16
Friendly staff, lots of classes, clean. Loved the changing rooms with Aveda products. Unfortunately not a lot of equipment for weight training; good variety but only one or two units each, e.g. one battle rope upstairs. Had to queue. Bring your own pre- and post-workout proteine shakes, Zum only offers ready-made ones.
Colin IsNothere
Colin I.
23:54 17 Jul 16
Zum is awesome. I judge a gym on two things: Equipment selection and quality and background of the personal training staff (probably the latter if I'm being completely honest). Like the huge variety of equipment and toys, the depth and breadth of expert trainer specialties means Zum has something for every body at any fitness level.
Betsy Shilling
Betsy S.
04:37 11 Jul 16
Cheyne Anderson
Cheyne A.
08:17 10 Jun 16
Jeff Strand
Jeff S.
15:04 01 May 16
Great facility, great people and great classes! No pressure to join and worth the monthly price.
Jescelle Major
Jescelle M.
21:42 29 Apr 16
Holly Hansler
Holly H.
03:34 26 Jan 16
I'm traveling for work and dropped in here. Absolutely loved the facility and the staff was incredibly friendly and helpful.
Isabell Sakamoto
Isabell S.
19:58 11 Jan 16
Friendly staff, nice space with great equipment, fantastic locker rooms. Only wish they were open a little later. The space is well kept for the most part.
Anthony Edmonds
Anthony E.
14:28 23 Dec 15
This Gym has created a place to go and feel like family. While helping you not only improve on your own but in the group fitness arena which has made major improvements in so many people's lives including my own. The staff is helpful and the trainers are very knowledgeable.
James Fuller
James F.
10:03 27 Nov 15
6 months later and I still love these guys! My mention of super-easy registering has been made even easier with their iPhone and Droid apps - and they post to your calendar 🙂
Claudia De Marco
Claudia De M.
10:32 10 Oct 15
I liked Eric class at 7:30 am. Although I am not a bug fan off the all open concept. Luckily Eric's class was the only one on at that time.
Peter Orlowski
Peter O.
20:17 27 Aug 15
I was visiting Seattle on an extended business trip and was looking for a good gym, something much more than the standard hotel setup. This place is fantastic! Its clean, bright and has a wonderful atmosphere. The staff are great and welcoming even though I was only going to be around for a week or so. I found the group fitness classes to be a nice change from my normal gym and a good challenge. The Crossfit class kicked my ass and left me wanting more. I will definitely be returning here on future trips. I can't recommend this place enough.
Michelle Bolen Harper
Michelle Bolen H.
12:42 24 Jun 15
Amy Leigh Morgan
Amy Leigh M.
18:55 03 Apr 15
Been a member for three years and I love it. In fact, I actually turned down a job because it was too far away from the gym and I wouldn't be able to make it to my lunchtime classes anymore. Intelligent, caring staff members, fun classes, great locker room. It's definitely a community. If I just wanted a place to lift and run on a treadmill, I would probably go somewhere cheaper. But I don't. I want feedback, camaraderie and support as I work towards my goals. And I get all that. I feel safe, supported and challenged in all the right ways.Love it. Love it. Love it.
Mike Cheng
Mike C.
20:08 08 Mar 15
I had been a members for 3 years but decided to find a new place to train. Woody is incredibly rude and has horrible customer service.Most of the staff and trainers at Zum are great. Unfortunately, Woody completely ruined it for me.
AJ Edwards
15:48 21 Nov 14
Zachary Buck
Zachary B.
13:32 27 Jun 14
Rémy Olivier Robin
Rémy Olivier R.
05:06 26 Feb 14
Chris Winebarger
Chris W.
05:10 25 Feb 14
Vaidyanathan Seshan
Vaidyanathan S.
03:24 02 Jan 14
Nina LanFranca LaFavor
Nina LanFranca L.
02:31 11 Nov 13
Scott Dobson
Scott D.
16:16 11 Oct 13
Erika Kraus
Erika K.
19:31 09 Oct 13
Rhys Judson
Rhys J.
02:19 03 Oct 13
Chelsea Stonex
Chelsea S.
01:13 30 Sep 13
David May
David M.
04:26 20 Sep 13
Erik Ciccarelli
Erik C.
03:54 06 Aug 13
Sally Landefeld
Sally L.
20:39 31 Jul 13
Laura Aquino González
Laura Aquino G.
16:36 22 Jul 13
Madison Buxton
Madison B.
15:54 19 Jul 13
Derek Lapp
Derek L.
21:30 18 Jul 13
Nick Conte
Nick C.
01:10 15 Jul 13
Kimberly Bird-Weed
Kimberly B.
14:43 29 Apr 13
Jon MacLeod
Jon M.
20:34 28 Apr 13
I'm sorry, Greg, but your review is totally off base. I have been a ZUM member for more than 10 years and seldom take group classes other than yoga, occasionally work with one of the terrific trainers, best in seattle, but usually do my own workouts, weights, free exercise, cardio. there is plenty of room, if the upper level gets a bit busy, you can always take your workout down to the lower level (rope climbing, sand pit, olympic lifting platform, exercise mats and room for jumping rope, burpees or whatever else you're into. of course, during prime time, 5 - 7 p.m., all gyms are more crowded, but come during the morning, mid-day, late afternoon, evenings after 7, and you'll have all the room you need. as for cliques, that's nonsense. ZUM management, trainers - women and men both - and members are very respectful of and friendly towards everyone who walks in the door. Of course, if you are one of those people who think you own the gym, then you will be unhappy no matter where you go. but you won't do better than ZUM.
Greg Bridges
Greg B.
22:54 14 Mar 13
If you're into doing your own thing outside of a class, this gym is not for you. ZUM caters towards large group oriented activities and offers very nice classes of this type, however these classes occupy all the common areas of the gym so if you have your own routine, or do not want to be a part of the class, the availability of floor space and equipment is very limited. The gym has a clique-type atmosphere so if you don't participate in classes, you are easily singled out in a "better for the masses" manner.