Get to Know the ZUM Team – John

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It seems impossible that it’s been almost 5 years since you joined the ZUM team! How did you first come to ZUM?


Well, I met Joe in a bar and the rest is history.


Wait, what?! That was not what I was expecting to hear!


Ok, there’s a little more context to it than that. It was a young professionals networking event at a bar. We chatted, connected talking about New York, and exchanged info. I came and checked out ZUM. The summer of 2012 I participated in an internship with Brian and Elia and was hired from that.


What’s been your favorite thing about working at ZUM?


Working at ZUM has fostered self-growth that will help me the rest of my life, both professionally and personally.


What about the most rewarding part?


The unexpected appreciation from clients and members. I’d loved receiving an email or having conversation where they’d express how grateful they were to be able to do the things they wanted to do. I could be having a really lousy day, but that would always lift me up.


Do you have any funny stories from your time here?


Ha! Well, one time in the men’s locker room after a shower, I was in my towel and realized I’d left all my clothes in the trainers’ room. I had no choice but to leave the locker room and run back there in my towel. Luckily it was a quiet Saturday, so I didn’t get caught. That was the last time I made that mistake.


That’s too funny! So, what’s next for you, John?


To be honest, I need to take time and do some mental healing. Ever since I arrived in Seattle years ago, it’s been non-stop hustling. I got an apartment, got a gig, met Joe, came to ZUM and did the internship which I was determined to get one of the 2 house trainer positions from, so I busted my butt showing my dedication by going to a ton of classes like 5th Element with Elia and Brian. Then I had to work hard to build my business. The only vacations I took were to plan my wedding, so it was just a different kind of work. I burned myself out, so there’s nothing on the immediate agenda. I need to rest, take care of myself, process everything and figure out what’s next.


Do you have any parting words of wisdom for our members?


Don’t miss out on opportunities to connect and have a relationship with someone. Tell people how you feel. It’s ok to express yourself; it’s not weak. Put yourself out there and be vulnerable – let people know they’ve had a positive impact on your life. It’s a waste not to.