Regi Drake

Regi Drake

Regi Drake

Personal Fitness Coach


A Midwestern boy from St. Louis Missouri, Regi was brought up in a musical household. When he wasn’t playing football and basketball, he was often down in his basement learning new songs to play on his guitar.

After high school, Regi attended Columbia College in Chicago where he achieved his Bachelor of Music. While there, he took a job at the campus’s health and wellness center, which ignited his passion for fitness. Regi was taught that being healthy goes beyond physicality and that the human body is a gift that should be explored and expanded upon. To that end, Regi enjoys challenging his limits; digging deep to find his inner strength, all while understanding how to utilize his body.

Regi came to Seattle 4 years ago in search of new adventures. You’ll likely find him at your nearest music venue, on the trail of one of your favorite hikes, or in ZUM kicking up a storm.

Here at ZŪM, Regi teaches his flagship class, The Furnace, every Wednesday and Friday at Noon. His class incorporates elements of Tabata and HIIT, and is inspired from hotel workouts he designed while on tour.

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