What You Need to Know TODAY

Happy Tuesday, the last day of March.  

Wake up every day with Joe’s mediation at 7AM.  

Derek and Zach are with you today to help you move and keep-up health and sanity. Derek’s on at Noon and Zach at 4PM, both on our YouTube channel. Check out the full class schedule for more info.

Mark your calendars for Friday’s Happy Hour. 5PM. Sign-up below

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Online Classes

All of our online class offerings are now on our CLASS SCHEDULE page.


What you need to know during Covid-19 Closure. FAQs

How will I know when ZUM is reopen? 
All updates will be here, on the Members Page. We will also be sending emails from our General Manager, Joe DeShaw, and posting on all of our social media platforms.

When will you reopen? 
Given the information currently available to us, we do not anticipate opening in April. However, we are prepared to reopen within 3 days of any announcement by Governor Jay Inslee allowing Washington State businesses to reopen

What happens to my April dues?
Your membership has been suspended until we open again. You will not pay membership dues while we’re closed. If you have opted to support your locally owned and operated gym during this closure, we thank you and will confirm your decision before charging any membership fees.  All memberships will be reinstated when we open.

How do I cancel my membership? 
Please contact Membership Director, Everett Lightcap, at and he will review the specifics of your membership with you. 

I asked for my membership to be put on hold. Do I need to do anything else?
No, we’ve got you covered.

I’ve been laid-off and can no longer afford my membership. What do I do? 
Your membership has been suspended as of April 1, and is set to resume when we reopen. Please e-mail Everett, our Membership Director, at, to further discuss your membership options until you are ready to rejoin ZUM.

I’m in a training contract. Who should I contact about my dues and contract? 
Your personal training investment is also suspended during our closure. Contact Derek Butler, our Fitness Director, at for any questions you have.

If I still have questions about my membership, who should I contact?  Contact Everett at