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What You Need to Know at ZŪM Fitness!


What are the gym hours?

Monday – Friday      5:00 AM – 9:00 PM
Saturday                 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM
Sunday                   9:00 AM – 3:00 PM


(Black Friday)

Where can I find the Large Group Training class schedule?

They may be accessed from any computer or smart device at

What do I need to know about parking?

• There is discounted parking for ZUM members located in the adjacent IM Park lot at the corner or 7th and Stewart Ave. Ask for a parking pass upon sign up (or ask for one at our front desk), place on the inside of the driver’s side window, choose the “ZUM” option at the parking kiosk located on the lot.  The discounted parking rate is $2.79 plus tax for the hours BEFORE 9:00 AM (2 hours max) and AFTER 3:00 PM (3 hours max). Weekend parking is anytime Saturday and Sunday for $2.79 plus tax for 2 hours. 

• For parking BETWEEN the hours of 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM during the week regular rates would apply in the IM Park lot (See signage in lot for current day rate).  Your other option is street parking where City of Seattle rates would apply. Parking rates on the street from 9 AM – 3 PM are currently $7 for 2 hours.

• Pacific Place Garage (entrances on 6th Ave and 7th Ave) parking is $7 for 0 – 1 hour, $10 for 1 – 2 hours.

What are the different ways to check in at the gym?

• Use your key fob given at sign-up.

• Use your smart phone to check in by installing or using a bar-code generating app (place a link to one they can use here).  It will have you take an image of your key fob’s barcode, then use your phone to check in at the front desk each visit.

• Should you lose your key fob and need a replacement, just inquire at our front desk and they can provide you with a new fob.

What is the WiFi password?

Domain: ZŪM Guest
(Password available at the front desk.)

Where can I use my cell phone for pictures and conversations?

We have 3 areas where you may use your phone to have a conversation:
• On the couch located in the entrance lobby.
• In the comfortable chairs at the top of the stairway.
• In the Community Area across from the top of the stairway.

What are ZŪM’s social media addresses?

Facebook:  ZumFitnessSeattle
Instagram:  zumfitnessseattle
Twitter:  @ZumFitness
YouTube:  ZUMfitness
Yelp:  ZUM Fitness

Does ZUM provide Body Fat Composition Testing?

Yes, as a member at ZUM you may schedule a FREE Body Fat Composition Testing with one of our Personal Fitness Coaches. Contact our fitness director Derek to schedule:

What if I need to put my membership on hold or cancel?

If for any reason you need to put your membership on hold, you may contact Everett Lightcap, our Sales Director, at To cancel your membership, please complete this form.


Joe DeShaw – General Manager –
• For discussion about any concerns or any sub-optimal experiences.
• To share your ideas on how we can improve your experience at ZŪM.

Everett Lightcap – Membership Team: Sales Director –
To answer any questions you have about:
• your membership
• our referral program
• corporate accounts
• credit card updates

Derek Butler – Fitness Director –
To answer any questions you have about:
• private personal training
• semi-private personal training
• small group personal training
• our Large Group Training class offerings
• our Fitness 101 offerings

Liz Robinson – Programs Director –
To answer any questions you have about:
• Click to Your Coach
• The Bridge post physical rehabilitation program
• Spitfire! physical longevity training program for our baby boomers

Seth Bennett – VIRJ Crossfit Owner –
For all questions about the VIRJ Fitness CrossFit program.


Our Core Values represent the attitude of our community and the characteristics our team embodies every day. This is how we show up for you:

Respect: we are a lifelong fitness community that engages respectfully with each other.
Grow: we are open to creating positive change within ourselves and in our members.
Collaboration: we encourage cooperation, feedback, and dialogue to learn, refine, and grow.
Connect: we cultivate harmony, inclusiveness, and belonging.
Enjoy: we make your ZŪM experience the highlight of your day!