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Meet ZUM’s Newest Team Members!

ZUM Team instructors trainer yoga



Kristen Linck

House Trainer, ACSM


Kristen joins ZUM as an ACSM Certified Exercise Physiologist and Personal Trainer. She graduated with her bachelor’s degree in Exercise and Sports Science with a Fitness and Nutrition Option from Oregon State University.


After graduation, she began her fitness career in a local gym in her hometown of Bend, Oregon, while also working full-time as a physical therapy aide. She discovered her passion for educating and training others in rehabilitative and strength training exercises during this time while applying knowledge from the physical therapists to her personal training programming at the gym.


In the summer of 2016, Kristen and her partner, Katelyn, moved to Seattle for Katelyn to begin her career as a middle school teacher.


In her free time, Kristen enjoys bird watching, woodworking, painting, watching Bob Ross, and exploring nature with Katelyn and their dog, Timber.


Rick Stockmann

Front Desk 


Rick’s a  Seattle native who grew up skiing and playing in the mountains. He briefly played football at Western Washington University where  he received a BA in Poli-Sci. Eventually, Rick went to law school at Willamette University, passed the bar, then practiced law and consulted until recently.


While in law school he sustained a serious knee injury (torn ACL, partially torn everything else…) which  left him assuming he  was done with athletic endeavors. Some years later, legislation passed that allowed Rick the opportunity to seek treatment and recover. He never looked back – he’s back to being an avid back-country skier, and he took up running during rehab and pursued that to the level of completing two 50-mile trail ultra-marathons the last two summers. Rick’s now making a life/career change to prioritize helping others make positive changes in their lives, and to share the sense of gratitude he’s gained through my experiences.


Rick is currently studying to complete the ACSM Certified Personal Trainer process and plans on completing the USATF Level 1 certification this summer.


Fun facts about Rick: he has a chocolate lab, plays guitar and bass, and he’s a Capricorn.


Annie King

Yoga Instructor


Annie has devoted her life’s work to movement and the body. She began at age 3 in dance class and hasn’t stopped moving since. Annie traveled from Maine to Colorado for college where she studied Dance and Integrated Physiology. She graduated from CU Boulder in 2013.


Annie first found yoga in 2010 as refuge from years of lower back pain, homesickness, and an inability to focus and be still. She was medicated and treated for ADD, among other things, for years. It is through her yoga practice that she learned “All that I seek is already within me” and was able to regain control of her mind and body, medication-free. During this struggle and post-college identity crisis, Annie began a 200+ hour Vinyasa training in Denver, CO. She has been teaching yoga for 3 years and feels that she has finally found a place where she can share her talents and passions to help guide others to their place of peace.


Annie continues to learn and train in programs around the city so she can become specialized.  This summer, she will be participating is courses for aging bodies, hip replacements, knee replacements and scoliosis. This fall she will begin a STOTT Pilates teacher training program.


Annie moved to Seattle from Denver in May of 2016 with her partner, Jarrett, and 3 kitties. She lives in Queen Anne and has a niche for crafting.


Jocelyn Lescarbeau

Yoga Instructor


Jocelyn shares a comprehensive yoga practice where you’ll mindfully move and thoughtfully reflect. She aims to guide you through a practice that will leave you more mindful, refreshed and craving more.


Jocelyn’s teaching covers multiple facets of yoga in every class including asana (physical postures), pranayama (breath work), meditation and yogic teachings. Her thoughtful sequences and alignment-based cues guide you through the physical postures, while her reflective rhetoric inspires. Her lighthearted nature makes the study of yoga more approachable. She takes yoga seriously….but not herself.


Jocelyn completed her RYS (Registered Yoga School) 200-hr teacher training in 2012 in Boston, MA under the study of Ame Wren and David Regelin. She is currently enrolled in a RYS 300-hr teacher training which includes a focus on the foundations of yoga therapy with Robin Rothenberg.


Getting to Know the ZUM Team – Cosetta

Cosetta Romani, Seattle, Yoga, best, instructors

How did you begin teaching at ZUM?

My husband Ivo, who provided some fitness equipment for the first Zum facility on 5th Ave, first introduced me to ZUM. I actually began as a participant taking Joe’s class primarily. I loved ZUM’s approach to movement and the community, and quickly developed friendships with many of the staff members.

Although I loved the bright white, warm, cozy mindbody space at the old location, I only practiced yoga there a handful of times. Peter asked me to join the ZUM team as a yoga teacher when this new facility was opened, and I have been teaching here ever since.

It’s difficult to imagine ZUM yoga without you! You’ve really been instrumental in cultivating our yoga program. How has that experience been for you?

Thank you. Yes, classes used to be very small and yoga was not the first thing members sought out. As yoga grows in popularity, more people have begun to understand the endless benefits of this practice. I still think though that some members are still a little shy to walk up the stairs to the body-mind studio. There’s this beautiful space to discover up there, but the climb can be intimidating. Be courageous and come join us! As we’ve grown yoga at ZUM, we’ve tried to create a diverse team with a common thread of knowledge, expertise, and passion.

And what a wonderful job you’ve done! Speaking of passion, how did your passion for yoga first begin?

Again, I was introduced to yoga by Ivo. A business opportunity presented itself that would move our family from Italy to the U.S. He came over about six months prior to get settled in and prepare the new foundations for me and our son Manu to join him. During that time, he was excited to learn that yoga was much more accessible in the States than in Italy. We had practiced a few times, but there was only one yoga studio and it was a 20 minute drive, so we didn’t go often. Ivo called and said, “Yoga is everywhere here! You’re going to love it!”

Upon arriving in Seattle, I dove right in, practicing 4-5 times/week at a gym in downtown. One day an instructor didn’t show up, and the manager asked me to teach class. I was terrified, but I taught anyhow and it felt like a natural thing. In fact shortly thereafter, I began a 3-year yoga apprenticeship with Lee Atwell in Magnolia. I ended up working at the studio for 5 years. Then in 2007, I went to LA to study with Shiva Rea, completing over 800 hours between teacher training and teaching assisting.

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