We’ve Built a Bridge and We’re Not Afraid to Cross It

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Gaoliang Bridge of The Summer Palace. CC 1.0Hennessy


This summer ZŪM GM Joe DeShaw, our partner at Mobility Plus, Brittney Thornton, and I walked into a conference room. What happened in that conference room over the following 90 minutes can only be described as a full-on fitness nerd fest. There were illustrations, studies, methodology discussions and a lot of laughs. It was one of those magical moments among geeks that can solidify professional trust, spark controversy, spawn ideas and bond like-minded professionals. In the case of that meeting in June, all possible outcomes resulted, with the additional bonus of what we call The Bridge.

The Bridge is the newest in our growing suite of population-specific programs. Maybe you’ve heard of, or are a part of, the 8+Olive+ZŪM Wellness Program or our West 8th Yoga Program. They, The Bridge and Spitfire (yet to be released) make up ZŪM’s ever-growing group of population-specific programs. The Bridge was designed to move people from injury to full athletic performance. Partnering with Mobility Plus, a physical therapy practice located on our neighboring block of 6th Ave., we launched a 6-week program designed to take “graduates” of physical therapy and move them from the status of patient to warrior.

We’ve just seen our inaugural team of Bridge participants complete their 6-week program, and round 2 is underway. To date, Joe has been at the helm of these small group sessions and has witnessed several participants meet and exceed their stated goals without re-injury, fear or regression. Life is good on The Bridge.

There’s always a bit of magic in moving from injury to performance, but there’s also a lot of preparation, intelligence and dedication required in taking those last few steps to full recovery. In the case of The Bridge, ZŪM’s partnership with Mobility Plus gave us the background intelligence to maximize our preparation and guidance. Each of The Bridge participants bring with them notes from their therapist. We know why they were in therapy, what instabilities they have worked through, and how their therapy has progressed. Not only is this information and partnership more efficient, it’s significantly more effective. The Bridge picks up where PT ends. This is an important moment in the timeline of post-injury life. It’s easy to be fearful when returning to full activity–in many cases that fear is well-founded. It’s also really easy to go too hard too fast and face re-injury. However, even when fear is minimal and the return is gradual, some people find it difficult to incorporate what they’ve learned in PT into their more dynamic and challenging fitness program. This is the purpose of The Bridge–to translate PT work and knowledge into full, pre-injury athletic activities.

This fall, we’re expanding the program to include any post-injury participants, not just those coming from Mobility Plus. Bring us your post-PT hips, backs, shoulders, knees and more. We will work with you–and your therapist–to make sure the time is right for you to start The Bridge. We’ll provide an “intake” card for your therapist to complete, which will give us everything we need to know–but no more–to see you through to your finish line. Over the 6-week program, we’ll reinforce what has worked for you in your PT, and add a bit of ZŪM to take you to the next level. With only 6 maximum participants in The Bridge, everybody is guided, every nuance is noticed, and every bad habit is broken.

If you know ZŪM, you know that this is where our heart beats the strongest. If you’ve ever taken HardCore with Joe, you know the origins of ZŪM’s philosophy and our training approach. The Bridge is the next logical step in helping our community to enjoy fitness and wellness now, post-injury, and for many years to come. If you’re working with a physical therapist now, ask us if you are ready for The Bridge.  If you’re ready for The Bridge, join us for our next series beginning November 7.  Contact me at liz@zumfitness.com if you’re interested.