ZŪM SPORT – Train Like an Athlete. Train Smart.


High-level athletes in all sports train in a cyclical and periodized manner. This means their training changes based on where they are in relation to their season/competition. When an athlete is furthest from their season/competition, they’ll typically train with less specificity (lower intensity and more generalized) in order to build a base-level of health and fitness. They then build on that base, by increasing specificity phase by phase, as their activity approaches. They train smart, and they get results.

This methodology is the foundation of ZŪM Sport. Our training team looks ahead and plans a training cycle for upcoming seasonal activities (i.e., skiing in the winter, cycling in the spring, or field sports in the fall, etc.), incorporating dedicated class sections for all of the core fitness requirements for those activities — strength training, power development, agility, and aerobic endurance. We build a strong base, and progress the specificity as the target season approaches. The result is a training model that has been producing results for our member participants since we launched the class in the spring of 2017. 

Challenge yourself: ZŪM Sport is not an easy class. While it is very adaptable for any fitness level, our team will coach you towards reaching the appropriate intensity level for each section of each class.

Learn: We will also educate you on why we ask you to take a break, lift heavier or lighter weight, or adjust your technique. You can take what you learn from this class and apply it as you progress through your own fitness journey. 

Get Results: The members that attend ZŪM Sport consistently have seen terrific results. From noticeable improvements in strength and range of motion, increased endurance, to feeling great and having more fun during their activities outside of ZUM. That’s what this class is about, and we’ll help you track your results along the way.

Check out ZŪM Sport at the following times and experience the results that come from training smart.

Mondays at 7:00am w/ Rick

Wednesdays at 5:30pm w/ Jordan

Thursdays at 7:00am w/ Ta Wei

Saturdays at 8:00am w/ Sierra


Coming soon to Mondays at 5:30pm w/ Jordan starting November 19th