ZUM U: Insulin and Cortisol in Fat Loss


Insulin and Cortisol are two hormones in the human body that can either be your best friend or worst enemy. We’ll be discussing these two hormones in relation to fat loss. In our modern day world we’re inundated with choices. One of the most abundant choices we make a day is food. What to eat? How much to eat? When to eat?

Insulin is an 100% controllable hormone. No one is ever walking down the street stuffing cake down your throat. You’re choosing on a daily basis what to digest. If your body is constantly secreting insulin when you’re eating the wrong foods thats when weight gain starts to happen, bad choices are made and what do you know….cortisol is all wacky. The quickest way to start getting your insulin regulated on a more consistent basis is by eating food. Real food. Don’t think too much. Ask these three questions. Did my food walk? Did my food grow? Did my food swim? When making food choices throughout the day ask these three questions. Your choices start to become more and more clear. Remember, we as humans want to be sensitive to insulin. We want it to be used efficiently. We don’t want to be resistant to insulin.

Similar to insulin, an excess amount of cortisol throughout the body starts to become a major problem. We’re human, we’re going to have stress. But how are you managing your stress? Are you saying no enough? Who are the people you’re hanging out with? Eliminate negative people from your life. ASAP!! Too much cortisol is a brain ager. Cortisol is very tricky because we’re not seeing it in action. Belly fat is an indicator of longterm cortisol exposure. Are you interested in getting your stomach ready for beach season or that new outfit? Manage your cortisol and you’re on the right path.

Here are my takeaways from this presentation:

– Eat food. Don’t count calories.
– Have a protein goal. 80% of your bodyweight in grams of protein is a good start.
– Have a water goal. 80-100oz of your bodyweight is a good goal.
– Incorporate strength training into your routine. More muscle mass helps with becoming insulin sensitive. (You want to be insulin sensitive, not insulin resistant).
– Eliminate negative people from your life.
– Say no more
– Get 8-9 hours of sleep. You make time for the things you want.
– Control your insulin and your cortisol is more efficient. Control your cortisol and your insulin is more efficient.