Success Stories

"Since joining ZUM, I have an overall sense of feeling better, my health markers have improved, and my body is stronger. It's great to feel I have control of my health and I can see the results! Thank you, ZUM, for the accessibility, accountability, and expertise!"

- Keith

"ZUM is by far the best gym that I've experienced. The facilities are first-rate and offer an extraordinary range of options. Most importantly, the trainers are fantastic coaches who have deep and diverse knowledge as well as an infectious enthusiasm that constantly inspires me. I have done competitive and recreational sports my entire life but have learned more about efficient and effective training in the 9 years I have been a member of ZUM than in the rest of my athletic life. When I consider the benefits to my health and well-being, it is obvious that ZUM is a bargain."

- Alan

"It never occurred to me that lifting heavy weights was an option for someone like me. That was for other people–younger, fitter, and male. At ZUM, I tried it, loved it, and kept at it.

The trainers and staff are simply the best, and the entire community is friendly and supportive. ZUM is a place where I can safely work towards being the healthiest and strongest version of myself–and enjoy spending time with others who are on the same path. Thanks, ZUM!"

- Mary